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So, the new chapter of The Sweetie Chronicles titled: Of Mares and Magic is up!

Now, Of Mares and Magic is a pretty famous fic written by :iconganonflcl:, and totally worth reading.

IMHO it was a great choice to start the story with, since I believe the greatest thing about OM&M is the journey...  Trixie's and Twilight's competition furthering the plot and the relationship between the two. The last competition was bonus... the story itself was worth every word and really what defines the story. In a way, that is the reason that I chose it to start the story with.

The Sweetie Chronicles is all about the journey, just like "Of Mares and Magic." Yes, there will be adventure, but every one of the main stories already chosen as central to this whole project really have something to teach Sweetie Belle, and hopefully she will learn to recognize these lessons.

The story is going to be challenging. I want each chapter to really tie with the fanfic it is referencing/part of. As such, this endeavor is truly worthy of the [ROLLERCOASTER] tag... We will have Normal stories, Dark stories, Sad stories, Comedy stories, even Shipping! :D

This is a personal challenge: I have to be able to write ALL genres. I guess I will be definitely able to at least say which of them is harder to write after all! (At least for me!)

There are plenty of stories out there to visit, and many, many that I want to work on! All I need is to get permission from the original author! ^_^

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy the story!

Ace12541 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2011
"Of Mares and Magic" is one of my all time favorite fan-fics next to yours and another one which I can't remember the name right now...well I have a lot of favorites but that one is definitely near the top xD
dlazerous Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
If one of mine Fics is on the list you already have permission. The story so far is awesome!
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November 13, 2011


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